Our promise to you: A professional translation service

This website is part of BI and specialises in French translation and interpretation and is addressed to both French and English speakers. We aim to focus on one language combination, so you can benefit from the highest expertise. With offices both in the UK and in France (Le Cap d'Agde), French Translators can bring you the language and culture straight from source. French as everybody knows is the language spoken in France but also spoken widely in Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and many African countries, each with their dialects and imprints on the language.

Our site aims to provide good quality professional French translation at affordable prices. We also offer professional translation services of French in combination with other languages both businesses and individuals.  We can translate from French into 150 languages and vice versa. Our translations are done professional mother-tongue translators. Our Head linguist for the French language is authorised by the Institute of Linguists in the UK (IOL). 


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BI recommends the French dictionary which has over 250,000 translations.

We can also provide the following services:
• Interpreting
• Transcription with/without time codes
• Subtitling
• Voiceover
• Certified, legalised or notarised translation of various types of certificates.
• Proofreading

Correction and review
To ensure the greatest possible linguistic perfection, all the translations to and from French are reviewed and corrected by native speakers specialising in the relevant area.